File Upload Control

The "File Upload" control support following feature:

1. Drag and drop

This feature will only enable if you using DNN 6.2+, supported Client browsers : FireFox 4.0+, Chrome, Safari 5.0+ 

2. FileName Generated

Specify the name of the file will be stored, it can be a unique name, a friendly name which is the name of the file with a datetime stamp, or the exact name of the file. 

3. Allowed File Extensions

You can specify the file type to limit the file can be upload by end user.

So the following setting will only allow user select a file end with ".jpg" or ".gif" to upload

4. Maximum File Size (KB)

Set maximum file size for this upload. 

For example 1024Kb = 1MB.

5. Initial File Upload Count

Set the initial count of file upload fields that will be allowed for this field 

6. Maximum File Upload Count

Set the maximum number of files allowed for this file upload field. 

7. Multiple File Selection

By selected this option will allow use to select multiple files to upload.

8. Target Folder

By Default, The file been uploaded will be save to folder "NZMK_SmartForms_Uploads" under portals home directory (\DNN Path\portals\0\NZMK_SmartForms_Uploads\).

You cal also go to "Admin" => "File Manager" to create a new folder and select the new folder from the settings.